The system is rigged. We taxpayers give 14 billion dollars to 6 multi-national food corporations who bribe our politicians to sell fat, sugar, and salt at below-market prices. The result of this is that one in three children born after the year 2000 will develop diabetes and children of that generation will not live as long as their parents!

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and strokes were previously rare or nonexistent. In the last one hundred years, our “brilliance” and our greed have put us on a trajectory that is unsustainable. We are now like the cartoon character, Wily Coyote, in Roadrunner, who has run off a cliff and has just realized that he’s about to meet a tragic end.

Today in America, we have a food policy that is not sane. We have greedy CEOs running multi-national Big Food Businesses. Big Food is bribing government officials to pass insane, destructive, and goofy laws that will net these companies even more money. The politicians get kickbacks to pay Big Media billions of dollars to run 1984-like propaganda on TV, ads that castigate the “other side,” as they endlessly try to deflect the voter from seeing the corruption. On top of this, you and I pay billions of dollars in taxes to finance “Farm Subsidies” that allow Big Food to produce and sell sugar, fat, and salt-laden products at below cost, driving small, organic farmers out of business.

Why do Americans eat a lot of crap? One reason is that we are genetically programmed to overeat certain foods as part of our survival mechanism. For over two million years, our genome had little contact with sugar, fat, and salt. These items were very rare in nature. We sought out these nutrients because they were a source of rich, energy-dense sustenance. When we found them, we would overindulge, because they had survival value and we couldn’t be sure we would ever find them again. Because of this genetic hardwiring, the average person can easily lose control and become addicted to sugar, fat and salt-laden foods. Given a choice, the genome of Homo sapiens will gobble down a fast-food burger and fries (fat, salt, sugar) instead of fruits, grains, and vegetables, because our hardwiring tells us that these foods are rare and may not be available again for a very long time. Unless we take steps to stop what’s going on in our food culture, this mess will get worse. It is just as easy to become addicted to these enticing foods as to drugs, and they are far more prevalent and available, especially to children.

We are genetically programmed to become addicted to what your politician has legislated to make ubiquitous! Our government’s “social engineering” gives billions of dollars to multi-national, processed-food-creating corporations, and then passes laws that make fat, salt, and sugar very cheap and very available! Just like a drug dealer who gives away drugs to get you hooked.

The chemically-altered stuff that Big Food squirts out of their factories is called “food” and has addicted over a hundred million Americans, sickened millions of children, created a national obesity problem, and led to tens of millions of early deaths.

This rigged, corrupt, and immoral behavior on the part of Big Food and Big Government is completely wrong. They are slowly killing millions of Americans.

Here are some mind-blowing realities exposed in two recent movies, Food, Inc., and Forks Over Knives. Both movies are well-sourced and not news to healthy Americans and those who care about and understand the science of food. Some Americans probably already know most of this and will not be surprised. However, the majority of America has been duped. Big Food, our government, and a lazy Big Media have insanely perpetrated a heinous crime on Americans, and more egregiously, on our children.

Fact: One in three American babies born after 2000 will get diabetes as a result of eating a diet rich in processed food.
Fact: Over 30% of Americans have become obese following the diets approved by the “scientists” at the United States Department of Agriculture. (Many of these “scientists” work for, or are consultants to Big Food.)
Fact: There are laws that make it a felony to criticize this drug-pushing scam. Criticize beef in Colorado, go to prison. There are actual laws in Colorado that say it is illegal to criticize beef. (Most industries are proud of their work. Why would Big Food need special laws, and thousands of lawyers standing by, to attack anyone who simply wants to see what is really going on?)
Fact: Big Food and our “leaders” make it illegal to criticize any of our food! The following is from Wikipedia. “Food libel laws, also known as food disparagement laws and informally as veggie libel laws, are laws passed in 13 U.S. states that make it easier for food producers to sue their critics for libel. These 13 states include Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. Many of the food-disparagement laws establish a lower standard for civil liability and allow for punitive damages and attorney’s fees for plaintiffs alone, regardless of the case’s outcome.”
Fact: We spend 2.5 trillion dollars on healthcare (five times the defense budget). Treating chronic disease that our drug-dealing leaders are responsible for accounts for 75% of our healthcare costs. Our taxes would go way, way, way down if our leaders simply stopped subsidizing Big Food — simply stopped pushing fat, salt, and sugar.
Fact: Plant-based diets, as opposed to animal-based diets, can radically reduce, or even eliminate, obesity, heart disease, strokes, cancer, and diabetes.
Fact: The government fails to report the above information because government officials answer to Big Food. They don’t want to talk about plant-based diets because it would expose the conspiracy that brings them billions of dollars. Big Food suppresses this information because of their greed. (And we gobble up their “food” because we are genetically wired to overeat fat, salt, and sugar. We are suckers for the “drug” they push.)
Fact: It takes ten times the amount of oil to produce a calorie of animal-based food than it does to produce a calorie of plant-based food. (And more global heating.)
Fact: The world’s cattle, alone, eat enough grain to feed 8.7 billion people, nearly 2 billion more than the population on Earth. With almost 1 billion malnourished people across the globe, redirecting even a portion of the grain used to fatten cattle could feed every hungry mouth on the planet.
Fact: According to a United Nations report, the livestock industry is a greater contributor to global warming than transportation or industry! (A half-pound burger results in more carbon dioxide being produced than driving a car 10 miles.)
Fact: 20% of the Amazon Rainforest (an area the size of California) has been cleared and trashed to raise livestock, to support Big Food and Big Government pushing a fat, salt, and sugar-rich diet on Americans.
Fact: For every one-dollar, fast-food burger eaten, we pay close to $25 to treat the medical consequences. For every burger some poor person eats, we all end up paying much higher taxes. Big Food and our “leaders” get their cash up front, and we taxpayers get screwed with higher taxes and higher healthcare costs.
As noted above, in many states you cannot criticize food or the food industry or the food business. Be very careful, because if you do, you may be breaking a law and be sent to prison. It is very, very dangerous to criticize food. The oligarchy has us here. We all need to eat, and trillions of dollars are at stake. And President Obama, and your Senator and Representative have enabled, and are responsible, for this.

Today, 90% of the meat we eat comes from cows that are fed, not grass but genetically modified corn and soybeans in “CAFOs” (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). In these huge setups, hidden away, thousands of cows stand ankle-deep in shit, eating chemically altered “food.” Many of the workers in these plants are illegal immigrants bused from Mexico by Government-enabled Big Business. The poor, shit-covered cows are shipped to top-secret slaughterhouses where more immigrants cut up cow carcasses for distribution to a genome (us) unable to resist overeating the end product (fat, salt, sugar).

(Food, Inc. reports that the feed-and-slaughter industry publicly advertises in Mexico to recruit illegal workers, and then buses these illegal aliens to American factories. They are violating the law, and our government officials know this. The Republicans support this practice, and the Democrats look the other way. Then, periodically, the government calls in the Immigration and Naturalization Service to stage small arrests to make it look like they are doing something to stop this practice.)

The press is our Fourth Estate, and even it is frightened to tell the truth about why it can’t report this travesty.

Upton Sinclair published The Jungle in 1906. He pointed out the shocking conditions in Chicago’s meatpacking industry and the corrupt officials who oversaw it. What we have now is much worse. Clearly the mainstream media is afraid to face Big Food and the government-enabled lawsuits.

I wonder what Big Food would not want us to know.

Every year our government gives billions of dollars to Big Food. Big Food is Big. I am going to simplify the following scenario. The majority of America’s farmers are paid a lot of money to grow only corn and soybeans. These farmers are using oil-based, synthetic fertilizer, created by environment-destroying Big Chemical and Big Oil. Producing this fertilizer heats the planet, depletes our carbon, ruins the soil, and creates effluent that poisons our rivers and oceans. Government subsidizes this corn and soybean production so these crops can be grown at below cost. Government and Big Food got together and planned this to prevent any competition from small farmers. The American Farmer is gone! The Republicans, the standard bearers for capitalism and small business, have been bought off, and in the last 50 years, have helped eliminate small, family-run farms in America. These corn and soybean crops are genetically altered to prevent birds and bugs from surviving anywhere near them, which sterilizes giant swaths of our “fruited plains,” killing Mother Earth and causing untold numbers of critters to become extinct. The corn and soybeans are then sent to giant, and nearly top-secret, factories where chemists, using massive amounts of oil, break down these genetically modified plants into a bunch of chemicals that are then chemically recombined to produce the base materials, that are then recombined again and packaged to look like food.

Just read the labels.

This is insane. These greedy businesses are costing us billions! But worse than that, they are feeding us “food” that makes us sick and contributes to bankrupting Medicare. I would much rather pay more to buy food that did not cause cancer, diabetes, strokes or heart disease, or make kids sick and fat. Plus, this would go a long way toward fixing our financial system and saving the planet. Our taxes and oil consumption would go way down if we stopped this charade.

Think about it. Obese people see a lot of doctors, take a lot of medicines and go to a lot of hospitals. Who pays for this? Medicare, Medi-Cal, Social Security, etc. But there is another, saner approach. Recovery from food addiction. I know old people who changed their eating habits and are now healthy and running, swimming, biking in their 70s and 80s. They have very low, or even no, medical costs!

In effect, Big Food is saying; “Sorry, we really don’t care about the consumer. We don’t care about children. We don’t care about future economic costs. We have a thing going on here, and we don’t want to talk about it.” Seriously, they don’t want us to see what goes on in their factories.

And we have allowed this. We passively stand by. We all need to wake up and put sane people in charge. If we randomly picked a bunch of farmers who are using sustainable practices and put them in charge of our food, we would save many millions of lives and many billions of dollars! How many Americans died in World War II? Just soldiers alone, over 100,000. How many died in Vietnam? 60,000. How many died in Iraq? 5,000 and counting. Our current, criminal Food Policy is killing more people every year than the number of Americans who died in all of those wars. Big Food and our bought-off leaders are responsible for millions of very messy, early deaths, every year.

We are learning that sugar, like tobacco, kills us. Simple carbohydrates containing sugar are beneficial when combined with the thousands of other micronutrients found in real food, like fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. But the sugar, and fake sugar, ingested in sodas, candy, cereal, processed bread, canned vegetables, processed meats, and a thousand other products, is not real. It is manufactured. Ingesting large amounts of processed sugar can lead to cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, developmental delays, and early death. Not only can it lead to those diseases, but also it is the reason that one third of children born today are expected to develop diabetes. Processed sugar, in all its varieties, is a bad chemical. But many Americans are addicted to it — and peddling this chemical makes billions of dollars for Big Business. And millions of dollars get passed on to the leaders, who rig the system.

Now you can see why our government subsidizes sugar!

Robert Lustig, M.D., specialist in pediatric hormone disorders at the University of California, San Francisco, gave a lecture that has gone viral on the Web. Over 1.4 million people have watched it. If you care about saving America, I implore you to watch one of our leading doctors “tell it like it is.” The video is called, Sugar: The Bitter Truth. The link to the YouTube video is:

In his presentation, Dr. Lustig talks about high fructose corn syrup, which Big Food erroneously labels “food,” and adds to almost every food product found in today’s supermarkets. Dr. Lustig calls sugar a “toxin,” and a “poison.” Five times he calls sugar “evil.” He calls high fructose corn syrup “the most demonized additive known to man.”

Today, your President, Senator, and Representative are signing off on selling more sugar to children, one third of whom will get diabetes.

This is the Big Food equation: Money + Government Corruption + Genetic Vulnerability = Addiction That Leads To Massive Killing Of Americans.

I propose taking all the money going to multi-national Big Farm corporations and giving it to sustainable and organic farming. Our government now artificially subsidizes certain food industries. We need to factor in the true cost of producing real food. We now have dollar burgers and pay three dollars a pound for broccoli. I would move the subsidies to support practices that produce healthy food and away from corporations that manufacture food that leads to poor health.

I would expose the practice of giving billions of dollars of your money to put cheap heroin on the streets that will addict your kids. Oops, I mean C12H22O11, also known as high fructose corn syrup. (Actually, heroin kills 7,000 people a year. High fructose corn syrup has killed, and will kill, millions! We get so upset at heroin dealers, when the sugar industry is far, far, far more deadly!)

I would propose a rapid, but organized, unwinding of all farm subsidies, as they exist now. I would propose that some of the money saved by discontinuing subsidized farming be used to educate Americans about sustainable farming. The money saved from ending subsidies would lower our taxes, or go to subsidize the creation of millions of small farms (giving the unemployed still another opportunity for work). I propose that we treat sugar as the addictive chemical that it is. Sugar will be legal, but like other addictive substances, it will be regulated, and it will be taxed, and the revenue from taxing it will be used to pay for education and for the treatment of food addiction. Just like with other addictive substances, parents will keep sugar, and especially fake sugar, away from children. The goal would be to make healthy food available to everyone and to get government out of the process, except when it can contribute to the general good, as in education and treatment for food addiction.

The goal would be to provide healthy food to every child and to collectively celebrate the return of Mother Nature. We do have enough for every person’s need, just not for every person’s greed . . . for more and more and more.