Defense and Foreign Policy

What would our defense policy look like if the American political system were not corrupt? What would it look like if the military-industrial-complex were not purchasing votes from both parties?

Let’s start with a look at the name, “Secretary of Defense.” We need such a person because nations can be mean and angry and dangerous. Some wars make sense. Fighting Germany in the 1940s did. Today’s world can be dangerous. But does it need to always be this way? Sometimes having a military gets us in trouble.

I believe that our best defense is a great offense. An offense of morality, leadership, and sanity. We need to settle down and get our own house in order. My fantasy is to live in a world where we do not even need to be defensive. Being defensive is always appropriate when danger is near. But what would it be like to live in a world that is safe? That is my vision. To create a world that does not need armies and guns. Where countries, instead of fighting each other, work cooperatively to save our planet and celebrate our diversity.

I believe that the primary focus of our species needs to be saving our planet.

We have put the fine men and women who serve in our military in harm’s way. I would hope to get all nations to come together on the common problems that threaten all of our planet, rather than focusing on eradicating terrorists. Our planet is at risk, and that affects every one of us, in every nation. If we can see that we have a bigger problem, I think that we can focus on that and come together to form an international police force to deal with pockets of “out of control Chimpanzees.” As it is now, many countries are acting like drunks with chips on their shoulders, leaving all of us frightened that they may “lose it” at any moment.

However, I have a question that none of us wants to face. Does anyone want our Department of Defense putting down its guns and shutting off our carbon supplies to save the Earth, because we were not smart enough to move to non-carbon-burning energy sources?

I hope it does not come to that. But Einstein may have been right, after all, when he questioned whether humans are smart enough to survive as a species.

All countries must act in unison and restore sanity to the governments of Earth. We must remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth has enough for every man’s need, but not enough for every man’s greed.”

It is time to put down the swords. It is time to see that we are all members of the species, Homo sapiens, and to realize that our species is at risk of becoming extinct. All other concerns must be secondary.

It is time for Americans to use less carbon and oil, to shift from reliance on fossil fuels to using more solar, wind and electrical energy.

I believe there is a gift in all of this.

In the past, we have acted crazily. We have sanctioned warring, fighting, raping, and destroying our fellow humans and ravaging our planet. This crisis is forcing us to come together. That is good news.

Working together needs to be our priority.