Defense and Foreign Policy

What would our defense policy look like if the American political system were not corrupt? What would it look like if the military-industrial-complex were not purchasing votes from both parties?

Let’s start with a look at the name, “Secretary of Defense.” We need such a person because nations can be mean and angry and dangerous. Some wars make sense. Fighting Germany in the 1940s did. Today’s world can be dangerous. But does it need to always be this way? Sometimes having a military gets us in trouble.

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Population Plan

I would like all of us to visualize a population that lives in harmony with Earth, a population that has repaired this small blue ball called Earth.

When I read Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 book, The Population Bomb, it terrified me. It made sense.

We were multiplying like rats, and pooping in our cages. A few decades later, I listened to the siren song Big Business was singing. In effect, it was saying:

“Look, don’t worry about the population-growth thing. We got it handled. We have figured out a way to use science to improve on millions of years of God’s work. We will rip up huge patches of nature, dam up great rivers, dig up gazillions of barrels of oil and use it to make fertilizer and other chemicals to dump on top of genetically modified corn and soybeans. We will then run this “food” through big chemical factories and squirt out substances that we will call food. We will add a lot of sugar, fat and salt. Everyone will love it! It will be easy to feed everyone. It’s handled, everybody! Chill out and go back to your TV, kick back, grab a beer and some snacks, and relax.”

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