My “Day One” Goals As Your Public Servant

If elected, and on my first day after being sworn in as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, I would publish and begin to promote the following measures:

End Corruption in Government:

First, what I will not do is accept cash from any source except from individuals, and then only in amounts of $100 or less. The practice of Representatives and Senators spending 30-70% of their time dialing for dollars contributes to the incompetence, gridlock, and corruption in Washington. Because I will not be spending my time raising campaign funds, I will be available for full time work.

I will invite other elected officials to take my Money Out Of Politics Pledge and make public the list of those who agree to abide by it.

 ”I agree to accept no money from any corporation, lobby, PAC or entity other than a person, and I agree to accept no more than $100 from any individual.” 

I will list individuals who take this pledge on the following website: 

1. Implement Campaign Finance Reform:I will approach and coordinate with Senator Bernie Sanders and other elected officials who are working on bills designed to ban money from politics. We need a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United (the recent Supreme Court ruling that designated corporations as people), and we need laws and amendments to create public financing of elections and abolish the Electoral College.

2. Restore the Environment:
Everyone agrees that we are stressing the environment in ways that put our future at risk. I will initiate a movement to create a constitutional amendment that would say the following:

“Congress and the Executive Branch, in all their actions, will strive to recreate a biosphere like the one that existed when this country was founded.” 

I would seek out like-minded lawmakers and environmentalists and campaign to see that this amendment is adopted.

3. End The Drug War and Establish Comprehensive Addiction Treatment:
I would initiate a dialogue in Congress to find a comprehensive solution to two of our biggest problems. The War on Drugs is really a war on ourselves. This misguided approach fuels addiction, our number one mental health problem. I would propose the following Constitutional Amendment:
“All laws prohibiting the sale and use of any and all substances to adults are hereby repealed.  100% of the taxes derived from the sale of these substances shall be used only for prevention, education, and free treatment for those suffering from addictions.” 

4. Create Energy Sustainability:
Our current approach to energy use is not sustainable and is dangerously short-sighted. We could have gone green decades ago; now we must go green. I would actively campaign to stop fracking and to end subsidies to oil and coal. I would instead introduce and advocate measures designed to support green energy production and use.

I would form or join a caucus that works to introduce the following:

  1. Shift all energy production to renewables.
  2. Transform our buildings into micro-power plants to collect energy.
  3. Deploy hydrogen and other technologies for onsite storage.
  4. Use Internet technology to transfer energy throughout a smart grid.
  5. Transition the transportation fleet to electric plug-in and fuel cells.

5. Reform Agriculture and Food Policy:
Our current policies are a great example of congressional corruption. Congress annually gives 14 billion dollars to six multi-national food mega-corporations that produce unhealthy food. In turn, the corporations bribe members of Congress to vote for the subsidies that support this food production.

I would transfer the subsidies now given to these mega-corporations to supporting sustainable agriculture practices and farming of organic food as well as promote public understanding of this corrupt system.

6. Engage in Protest:
I will bring attention to the insanity in our current Congress by protesting. At noon on the first Saturday of each month, I will walk down the stairs from my office in the Capitol and out to the National Mall. I will invite others to join me in a peaceful protest on the Mall designed to increase awareness of these issues and restore sanity to our national government.


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