Thank You.

I want to thank you for your support. I appreciate you emails, calls, letters, showing up for the debates, volunteering, your contributions, and your vote. When all the votes have been counted, nearly a thousand people will have supported my common sense, bi-partisan, and “Get the money out of politics” platform. This is amazing to me, since there was zero money spent on advertising or marketing.

I was naïve and started campaigning late but I feel that my supporters and I had the opportunity to show young people and others that democracy is a gift and something we all need to participate in; it is lack of participation that has gotten us into our current mess.

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Important, Reverent, and Vital.

The following, I believe, is the most important, reverent, and vital to all of our lives. ~ Larry


The Market and Mother Nature  By 

“Whenever I hear the word “cliff,” I am reminded of something that President Obama’s science adviser, John Holdren, used to say about how we need to respond to climate change because no one can predict when it might take a disruptive, nonlinear turn. “We are driving toward a cliff in a fog,” said Holdren about the climate, and that’s always a good time “to start tapping on the brakes.” Indeed, when you think about how much financial debt we’ve built up in the market and how much carbon debt we’ve built up in the atmosphere, the wisest thing we could do as a country today is to start tapping on the brakes by both emitting less carbon to bend the emissions curve down and racking up less debt to bend our debt-to-G.D.P. curve down. Unfortunately, we are still doing neither
Indeed, we are actually taunting the two most powerful and merciless forces on the planet, the market and Mother Nature, at the same time. We’re essentially saying to both of them: “Hey, what’ve you got, baby? No interest rate rises? A little bitty temperature increase? That’s all you’ve got?” I just hope we get our act together before the market and Mother Nature each show us what they’ve got.

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Marin Voice: Running for office on principle

The following was in the November 5 issue of the Marin I.J.

Marin Voice: Running for office on principle

I WAS A CANDIDATE for Congress this year. I survived the complexities of filing reports, paying fees, and appearing in debates and ran in the June primary. My platform was based on a common sense, centrist position with respect to financial reform, the environment, education, and national defense – views that most educated Americans support.

My central point is that the underlying problem in Washington is the unethical and corrupt dual relationship that our elected officials have with money.

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My “Day One” Goals As Your Public Servant

If elected, and on my first day after being sworn in as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, I would publish and begin to promote the following measures:

End Corruption in Government:

First, what I will not do is accept cash from any source except from individuals, and then only in amounts of $100 or less. The practice of Representatives and Senators spending 30-70% of their time dialing for dollars contributes to the incompetence, gridlock, and corruption in Washington. Because I will not be spending my time raising campaign funds, I will be available for full time work.

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Really, Norman!

The primary election is just a few weeks away and over a million advertising and marketing dollars will be spent during this brief time in an attempt to educate, confuse, and frighten voters. TV and radio ads, Robo-calls, mailers, lawn signs, road signs, bumper stickers, emails, website spots, and anything else the marketing folks can dream up.

(I have been approached by folks offering to sell me email lists of every voter in this District for $25,000 and to make Robo-calls starting at $1.99 each.)

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‘Passionate’ candidates debate issues

By Jennifer PooleTWN Staff Writer Posted:   05/16/2012 08:53:02 AM PDT

The forum for congressional candidates in Ukiah on May 3 was truly one of those “only in Mendocino County” events.

All 12 Second District congressional candidates sit around the Ukiah City Council chamber table, presenting their views on issues of importance to a roomful of voters during a May 3 forum. (Brian Maneely/Ukiah Daily Journal) (The Willits News)

All 12 Second District congressional candidates sit around the Ukiah City Council chamber table, presenting their views on issues of importance to a roomful of voters during a May 3 forum. (Brian Maneely/Ukiah Daily Journal) (The Willits News)

All 12 candidates for the U.S. House of Representative’s new 2nd District seat were in attendance, along with a room full of voters.

“That was great,” moderator K.C. Meadows, editor of the Ukiah Daily Journal, was heard saying after the final applause died down. Later in the UDJ editorial endorsing Assemblyman Jared Huffman, Meadows saluted the whole slate of “colorful and passionate” congressional candidates.

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Last chance to see us live before the primary. . .

Final Congressional Forum/Debate
This Thursday May 17
The final Marin event for Congressional Candidates will be a Congressional Candidate Forum on Healthcare, to be held this Thursday evening May 17 at the Novato Community Hospital. The Forum will be hosted by the Marin Medical Society.

When: Thursday May 17
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: Novato Community Hospital (Wilkes-Weseman Room),
180 Rowland Blvd.,Novato

Congressional candidate Larry Fritzlan overcame his addiction, wants to help Congress end its addiction.

By Richard Halstead
Marin Independent Journal
Posted: 05/10/2012 01:58:32 PM PDT

Larry Fritzlan is seen at a debate for candidates of the 2nd District Congressional seat, held in… Editor’s note: This is one of a series on the candidates in the 2nd District congressional race.

In his campaign for the new 2nd District Congressional seat, Larry Fritzlan has asserted that Washington politicians are addicted to money, and the Mill Valley resident understands addiction from the inside out.

Fritzlan is not shy about talking about how alcohol has affected his life.

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Guys, You Have To Say It.

At the debate in Ukiah two days ago, I looked at the leading contender in our race for our next Congressman and said, “It’s a swamp that you are going into – you have to name it.”We all know that Congress is a swamp. The latest polls say that 91% of Americans distrust Congress. And every candidate in this race knows it.
So, to my opponents I say:

“Sir or Madam, you have a choice. You can get real and we will trust you. Or you can continue to bullshit us and become one of those who is distrusted by 91% of Americans.

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To Huffman, Solomon and Adams: Dude, it’s an elephant!

WTF! Don’t pretend you don’t see it!

Seriously. We are not stupid and you look like an idiot if you keep pretending not to see it!


I entered this race for a Congressional seat because I was so disheartened at apologizing to my grandkids about the insanity, dysfunction, immorality, and corruption in our democracy. (*)